It happens often enough, in business and in life itself: sometimes, the parameters are unclear.

You have two or more options to choose from, but we don’t know which one to pick.

Maybe you are looking to achieve any of the following:

– Increase your client portfolio
– Create a social media presence
– Rank higher on search engines
– Interact with your audience in a different way
– Introduce a new advertising campaign
– Create quality content for your blog

Undoubtedly, you are wondering whether inbound or digital marketing is better for your particular situation.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re here to explain the difference between them and which scenario demands which specialty.

Same Medium, Different Outcome


In Argentina, some people discuss inbound and digital as if they were the same thing. But, in reality, they are not interchangeable.

Even though both use online media as their platform, their focus and objectives are different. 




If your audience is online, where is your brand?

This marketing strategy positions, promotes, and advertises your product or service on social networks, and on your website or other sites.

Digital marketing refers to specific tactics, whose goals are to make your products and services visible on digital media through ads, banners, videos, conversations, social media campaigns, surveys, online brochures and of course on your website.




If your audience is online, what are you doing to relate to them and position yourself as a leader in your industry?

Inbound marketing employs strategies that create personal bonds with consumers.

Inbound specifies a global method that employs non-invasive marketing techniques (and some strategies from digital marketing) to captivate clients and add worth through useful content.

It’s like making yourself a mentor for your possible clients.


In this sense, inbound marketing is a more cautious process, but one that allows you to accompany buyers in their online searches without selling them anything.

It generates a different kind of feedback, because the idea of providing all possible information (without bothering a customer with ads or sales offers) allows buyers to make their own decisions.

Do you see how inbound and digital marketing work in the same media, but have vastly different goals?



Think Carefully before Making a Move


We can guide you beyond your particular needs. At Uxbound Marketing Lab, we like to be totally honest with our clients.

We are an Argentinian agency dedicated exclusively to inbound marketing and, even though we love to discuss its benefits, we know that this method does not work the same way for everyone.



Why not? Some need inbound, others don’t. It’s that simple.



The question is: what do you want to achieve? And what is your goal?

We can help you make the most appropriate decision and settle this issue.

To avoid taking steps haphazardly (which can be costly and end in unsatisfactory results), it’s important to understand the reach of each marketing discipline.

So, we’d like to have a short chat with you. We offer a 100% free consultation—how does that sound?

Contact us now, and we’ll find a solution together!



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