What is Content Marketing?

It’s a combination of marketing techniques aimed at attracting clients by non-invasive means.

What does it achieve?

  • It attracts interested and potential clients
  • It increases traffic to your website
  • It positions you as a reference in your industry
  • It guides your potential clients in their purchasing decision
  • It helps you acquire domestic and international clients


In the past few years, Content Marketing has become the preferred method for marketing professionals and business owners, thanks to its effectiveness and its return on investment.


We want to provide you with the techniques and methods that other businesses have used successfully.


Five surprising facts:


“Creating blog content increases web traffic by 55%” 
– vía Hubspot


“Eighty percent of decision-makers prefer to get their information from a business’s published content” – vía Exact Target


“82% of marketers who publish a daily blog acquire customers”
– vía HubSpot


“For a small business, creating content costs 31% less than conventional marketing”
– vía Inbound Marketing Agents


“Businesses that have a blog generate 126% more leads than businesses that don’t”
– vía Hubspot

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