Welcome to the world of inbound marketing, where content is currency.

It’s true! In this realm, forming relationships and participating in conversations is very important.

Therefore, finding the right words and putting expressions in the right context will allow you to connect with others and help you to establish lasting bonds.

But to what end? Okay, we’ll get to the point.

If you are studying new marketing methods to add clients and increase your sales, chances are you are already dedicating some time to reading about this topic. In that case, it’s possible that you’re already familiar with one critical little word: content.

What Are the Objectives of Content?


– Inform
– Entertain
– Inspire
– Advise
– Inspire curiosity
– Teach
– Give feedback
– Solve problems

As you’ve already no doubt realized, “sell” is not on that list.

Creating selling pieces (such as advertisement) is a responsibility of the copywriter, not the content creating team.


What are the objectives of copywriting?


– Sell
– Persuade
– Promote
– Convert
– Inspire action


Do you see the difference between the two? If you are looking to build trust and be used as a reference, it is beneficial to focus on your content.

You don’t want to come off as a salesperson. To the contrary, you have to adopt the persona of a counselor.


When Do Sales Begin, Strictly Speaking?


All of this is not to say that within every piece of content there is not at least a pinch of copywriting. More precisely, the desire is to give potential clients an incentive to do a certain thing; that is, to buy products or services.

But this must be accomplished slowly and cautiously, through all the steps visitors to a business’ website must take, from the discovery of a problem or need, to the consideration and finally purchase of such product.


What Skills Should a Content Editor Have?


– Excellent editorial skills
– Good spelling
– Experience in blogging or journalistic editing
– Knowledge of copywriting
– Ability to write about diverse topics
– Command of several styles of writing (formal and informal)
– Creative spirit
– Ability to work as a team
– Editing and revision skills


Hello? Who’s This?


Before editing starts, you need to identify your audience. It’s important to understand the profile of the person you are talking to.

Example: a modern and well-equipped gym identifies its clients in the following way.

– Pablo, 20, a young man who wants to train to increase his muscle mass before the summer.
– Marta, an older woman who wants to stay in shape and enjoy a group activity and social life.
– Luciano, 35, who suffered a back injury playing football and needs rehabilitation.

If you don’t follow these steps, you are not “talking” to anybody in particular, and it’s possible that your efforts will be for naught.


Characteristics Content Must Have to Meet its Goals


– Quality and good information
– Lasting themes (or at least themes that are not of only short-term interest)
– Easy-to-read copy
– An attractive and attention-grabbing title
– Keywords in the title and first 100 words
– Subtitles and key points, to facilitate a quick read
– Links to your other articles
– A small dose of copywriting when necessary


Ready to start writing?


You should remember that quality is the most important part. In this way, you can ensure that your readers trust you.

What results will you get? Followers and people that consider you a reliable source of knowledge.

After some time, you will know who is really interested in your company and in your products and services.

You can gear the strategy of a modality towards sales without taking on an overwhelming attitude or sounding like a charlatan who is only interested in money.

Because, at this point, the relationship between business and the potential client is already one of trust and mutual respect.

All thanks to the power of your words.



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